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Minimalise no-show by using SMS messages

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No show is a structural problem for healthcare institutions, often because appointments are simply forgotten. But also entrepreneurs, such as restaurant owners and rental companies, are faced with this problem.

Dear Mrs. Claude, please do not forget your appointment with dr. Savoini on 14-06 at 13:30 PM. If you are unable to attend be sure to cancel 24 hours in advance.



No Show SMS specialist

Spryng was founded in 2006 to minimise the no-show problem in hospitals and other healthcare institutions by the use of SMS services. We can reduce your no-show by at least 60%.


Appointment reminders by SMS increase the utilisation of doctors and other staff.



Via SMS the patient is sent a reminder for their appointment in a personal and friendly manner.


Patients and customers who receive SMS reminders, experience this as a fantastic service.

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Today 15:30
Dear Mrs. Safai, you have an appointment on 14-06-2013 13:30 PM an at the Radiology Department. If you can not attend, please contact the hospital at least 24 hours in advance.


Reduce your no-show with at least 60%

More and more hospitals and other healthcare institutions are actively working to minimise the no-show problem to prevent such waste in healthcare. Our SMS services make an immediate cost savings.

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No start-up costs, no monthly fees. Only pay for what you send, simply via a bank transaction or via credit card, postpaid or prepaid.

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From no-show to make-show

Spryng has standard connections with all Hospital Information Systems and other healthcare systems.

Increase utilisation

In addition to the large financial return, SMS reminders increase the utilisation of doctors and other staff and minimise waiting times and waiting lists.

Improve telephone availability

Also information about appointments need no longer be verified which means a large improving availability by telephone.

Easy to integrate

Our SMS API can be connected to your own systems and software. Spryng is already connected to all Hospital Information Systems.


curl --location --request POST "" \
  --header "Accept: application/json" \
  --header "Authorization: Bearer xxxxxx" \
  --header "Content-Type: application/json" \
  --data "{
    \"body\": \"This is a test message.\",
    \"encoding\": \"unicode\",
    \"originator\": \"DocsTest\",
    \"recipients\": [
    \"route\": \"1\",
    \"scheduled_at\": \"2019-01-01T15:00:00+02:00\"