Highest level of security and reliability

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Safety & Reliability

Sending business and time critical information by SMS must at all times be available and secure. Therefore our systems are fully redundant. Spryng offers a 100% availability and optimises security levels by working only with ISO-certified partners.

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Available at all times and safe

Through our Network Operations Centre (NOC) we monitor our platforms, routes and applications 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

icon-informOur data centre meets the requirements of the most advanced version of the ISO 27001.


Our data centre has implemented all 133 controls by the Statement of Applicability.

icon-verifyWe perform penetration tests in order to meet the requirements of many security certificates.

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Millions of SMS traffic

Our platforms are built to send large amounts of secure SMS messages and guarantee the highest delivery speeds.

Flexible architecture

We collaborate with Amazon Web Services and therefore use a flexible architecture, we are able to process millions of SMS messages during extreme peak hours and deliver within seconds. Due to privacy laws we deliberately opted for Europe as a hosting location.

Unlimited number of servers

A scalable architecture prevents SMS messages from being delivered with a delay as there are an unlimited amount of servers available, which adapt in real time to any additional requirements. At peak times, additional servers are automatically activated.