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The power of SMS for IJsselland Hospital

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The power of SMS for IJsselland Hospital

The IJsselland Hospital in Capelle aan den IJssel is a regional hospital with 332 beds. In addition to the main location in Capelle aan den IJssel, the hospital also has polyclinics in Nesselande, Krimpen aan den IJssel and Kralingen. The more than 2,000 employees, specialists and volunteers work hard every day with great energy and commitment for patients and their families, under the motto 'This is about you: working together on the best possible care'. IJsselland Hospital is also making great strides in the field of digitisation. For example, by sending appointment reminders by SMS, thus reducing the number of 'no-shows'.


The fact that digitization is important to IJsselland Hospital also has to do with the hospital’s vision. After all, you can only offer the best conceivable care to patients and their relatives if you also make use of the technological possibilities that support that care. Like sending an appointment reminder via SMS. This may seem like a small link in the whole process, but it is an important one. Because this SMS service is not only appreciated by the patients, also the number of ‘no-shows’ is significantly reduced by such an SMS,

One simple SMS API does the job

In early 2021, IJsselland Hospital partnered with Spryng and started using a number of SMS solutions. SMS is already being used for:

  • Sending a reminder for a medical appointment in the hospital with the specialist.
  • OTP messages (One Time Password) during logon from home to the Ijsselland network.

Because Spryng’s SMS API is already integrated within Chipsoft (software program for patient logistics, administration and record keeping of healthcare institutions, including IJsselland Hospital), it was extra easy to start with the SMS service. The appointment reminders of eight specializations now run via SMS messages. The plan is to roll out this SMS application to the entire hospital.


“I always get a quick response from Spryng when I ask a question.
They are not just focused on product takeaway; I appreciate that it is
also asked how things are going. That’s a pleasant way of doing business. In terms of content, it all works well. And the communication,
the short lines of communication, I experience as very pleasant.”

Jan Fokker, project manager of IJsselland Hospital


Klaas Druijf, web specialist at IJsselland Hospital: “The best conceivable care is never provided alone and is never ready or finished. It is care that is provided by all the people within the hospital and the chain, together with the patient and his or her loved ones. The best conceivable care also means care in the right place, as close to the patient as possible.”

In short, it is important to IJsselland Hospital that patient care is well organized. It is a fast and safe way to communicate, and easy to integrate with one simple SMS API. And that makes the collaboration between IJsselland Hospital and Spryng extra valuable.

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