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How SMS messages can help corona test sites

How SMS messages can help corona test sites

Almost two years after the first COVID-19 infections in Europe, the virus still has a hold on our society. The wide-ranging vaccination programme, but also the large-scale testing, is time-consuming. Rapid testing and thorough contact investigations remain necessary to stop the growth of the number of infections. SMS is an effective tool for this. For instance, for test locations to confirm appointments and send security codes. In short, to meet an urgent information need quickly and safely.

SMS for test sites and test lanes

In the corona pandemic, sharing information quickly and securely is a no-brainer. Especially when it comes to confirming appointments and sharing relevant info. More and more Community Health Centres, corona test sites and commercial test sites are therefore using SMS as a means of assistance and communication. Logically, it’s fast and reliable. Because even without wifi or 4G, SMS messages just come in, via the telephone line. The impact of an SMS is also many times greater than an e-mail, of which dozens arrive daily (whether or not in the spam box). To sum up: SMS has a very high opening rate and is safe and reliable.

2FA and OTP via SMS

The SMS Gateway is therefore also extremely suitable for sending a verification code. For example for a 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) or OTP (One Time Password). The code is sent by SMS to the relevant telephone number and can be entered (once) to gain access or permission. Because the password changes every time, you minimise the risk of unauthorised access to confidential information such as EPDs and patient portals. Check-double-check in seconds! That’s hardly any effort for a lot of extra security.

With ISO and NEN guaranteed security

When using SMS services, there is much more that can be done in terms of security. At Spryng, all this is guaranteed by our ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certification. We are the only SMS provider in Europe to hold both certificates. By following strict measures and protocols we can guarantee the protection of confidential and privacy sensitive information to our clients. And their clients! ISO 27001 is the world standard for information security. NEN 7510 focuses on the healthcare sector and suppliers that process personal health information (such as Spryng). Thanks to these certificates, Spryng guarantees the safety of data, the transmission and the arrival of messages that really matter. And that is of great importance in the fight against the coronapandemic. Sometimes even of vital importance.

SMS works against corona throughout Europe

The fact that SMS offers good support to test lanes and test locations can also be seen across the border. In Belgium, if you have been in contact with a person infected with corona, you receive an SMS message as a ‘high risk person’ via the number 8811. In France too, SMS are used to inform people about corona, via 38663. A smart move by these authorities, because at a certain point it was no longer possible to call the many people who might have been in contact with an infected person. SMS is therefore a perfect alternative to these time-consuming telephone calls for contact investigations. For example, to give advice about quarantine, to send a corona test prescription code and to inform people about the measures to be taken. That saves a lot of time.

The convenience of SMS

Connecting our SMS service to the information system of your test site is easier than you think. Spryng has connections with almost all healthcare systems. With one simple SMS API, your employees can start sending automated SMS messages. With an SMS you communicate clearly, friendly, safe and effectively. And that makes everyone happy. Not only the many people who want to be tested. But also your staff!

Efficient and fast corona communication

In short, you can say that SMS is a safe and easy technology to reach many people in a short time, even (or especially) during the corona crisis. Even now, two years after the first corona outbreak, it is important to clearly communicate the measures announced by governments. And we must use all available means to do so, including SMS.

Want to know more?

Fortunately, the fact that SMS is an effective, fast and very reliable way to communicate is something people have known for a long time. Not only for the healthcare institutions, but also for the government, multinationals and start-ups. Do you already know what Spryng and SMS can do for your organisation? Feel free to talk to one of our specialists, because together we will come up with the best solutions. Contact us at or on +33 1 84 88 87 83

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