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Receiving SMS

Spryng delivers SMS and Virtual Mobile Numbers to businesses to make processes more efficient and to simplify communication.

klm-logoKLM sends SMS via Spryng

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Easy to integrate

In many countries, we provide Virtual Mobile Numbers to receive SMS messages. Our numbers are hosted directly by the operators.


We link your account to a number from the country of your choice. From then on your customers can send messages to you.


All incoming messages can be viewed directly on your account. We also send them to an e-mail address or URL.


Automatic SMS reply on an incoming SMS can be set up if preferred. You may decide on the content and sender.

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Transport & Machine to Machine

The transport sector uses virtual numbers to communicate with drivers. Virtual numbers are also often used as a Machine-to-Machine solution, here an alert is sent to the number.

Why use a virtual number?

A Virtual Mobile Number is very effective for two-way communication. If you send bulk SMS and wish to receive a reply; a virtual number is the perfect solution. Interaction with clients or staff is made as easy as possible.

What are the costs for a Virtual Mobile Number?

We don’t charge set up fees for a Virtual Mobile Number. You also do not pay to receive SMS on that number. We only charge a monthly fee which depends on whether you will be sending SMS. Please contact us for more information.